About CSRN

The CSRN of the PLSC was created by a group of professional and technical individuals employed in the Land Surveying and/or Geospatial Information System (GIS) industries working together as advocates for the development and enhancement of enterprise real-time network based Global Positing System (GPS) technologies in the State of Colorado.

CSRN members and partners consist of government entities that include federal, state and municipal branches, as well as private sector business that include owners, contractors, managers and employees.

The group was originally known as the GPS Users Group of Colorado (a.k.a. GUG) created in January, 2006. The GUG was chaired by Colorado's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) State Advisor, Pam Fromhertz.

In the later part of 2006 the group adopted than name G2 and began investigating ways to incorporate as a non-profit with the primary goal of implementing a GPS real time GPS reference network for the state.

At the G2 November, 2006 meeting a consensus vote was held to pursue organizing as a non-profit either on its own or by affiliation with an already established Colorado non-profit related to the surveying or GIS industry. It was at this time the group began looking at the PLSC.

In December, 2006 the G2 presented a proposal to the PLSC at their Fall Technical Session General Membership Meeting held at the School of Mines. A committee was formed to investigate incorporating as a nonprofit. The committee was chaired by Russ Clark with Clark Land Surveying out of Colorado Springs.

In March, 2007 the committee members (who later became the charter members of the CSRN) met, elected officers, drafted bylaws and provided for the functioning of the chapter.

In May, 2007 the PLSC voted and officially recognized the CSRN as an official Chapter.

According to the CSRN Bylaws, the purpose of the CSRN shall be to design, create, expand, operate, maintain and/or provide professional oversight of a network of continuously operating reference stations to provide rapid, reliable, real time geodetic control data and positioning corrections to a variety of field surveying, mapping, navigation, emergency response and geospatial services in the state of Colorado.